Illtech is my custom developed cross platform graphics engine. It has been and designed and written to support PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.
The video above provides a short overview about the supported features and underlying architecture.

The slides for my graduation presentation can be found here: .pptx .pdf (some slides have been changed/removed to respect NDA)
And the original 1080p graduation reel can be download from here

My graduation report is not publicly available. If you have signed a PlayStation 4 NDA and would be interested in reading more about the PS4 specific process, architecture and optimizations, send me an email (

Feature summary:
- Stateless rendering architecture
- Shader cross compilation system
- Hotswappable game and engine code
- Asynchronous resource system with support for hot swapping of resources
- Automatic Resource Rebuild on filesystem changes
- Forward Clustered Rendering
- Multithreaded architecture
- Debug Options via REST interface
- Fixed-Point representations for scene object positions

Special thanks to Codeglue who provided me with the opportunity to implement the Xbox One version.

  • Supported Platforms:
  • PlayStation 4
    Xbox One
    Windows, D3D11



We are a small team therefore I am doing work in many areas. My main area of responsibility is all things graphics programming.
- Development of lighting and shadow system for a 2D / 3D Hybrid environement
- Implementation of 2D Animation system with dynamic character clothing system
- Special Effect Shader Development

  • Role: Graphics Programmer
  • Started: September, 2013

Terraria Mobile

Terraria for iOS, Windows Phone 8, Android

Terraria Mobile

Was given the possibility to work on many different sub-aspects of the development. The major tasks were:
- Cross-platform experience: worked on Android, Windows Phone 8, iOS and one unannounced console platform
- Cross-platform game development
- Implementation of NinePatch texture support into engine, game, tools and content pipeline
- Network multiplayer refactoring and debugging
- Implementation of controller support for the layout system

  • Developer: codeglue
  • Role: Game Programming intern
  • Year: 2013
  • Time: 5 month


Hello. My name is Jendrik Illner and I am an engine programmer, creating the technology that turns vision into realities.
Born and raised in Germany but currently living in the Netherlands.


I am a motorsports addict so one can frequently spot me on the racetracks around the world. Currently I am active kart driver in the GK4 series racing with a GM VT250 engine in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.